Drive clean, Get Rebate

02 March, 2020

How clean is your ride?

Budget 2020 announced additional incentives to encourage use of more environmentally friendly vehicles

SINGAPORE — From January 2021, drivers who buy fully electric cars and taxis will receive a rebate on their ARF (additional registration fee), as the Government moves to encourage the adoption of cleaner and more environment-friendly vehicles.

Under an early adoption scheme for electric vehicles, buyers will get a rebate of up to 45% on the additional registration fee, capped at S$20,000, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said in his Budget speech.

As of now, the full details of what qualifies under the scheme is still being evaluated but here’s a quick look at what powers your car, from petrol and diesel to electric batteries and a spectrum of choices in between.


Hybrid Cars

Conventional hybrids, also referred to as hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), supplement the internal combustion engine with electrical power produced by an on-board electric motor. The electrical system acts as a generator when a driver applies the brakes, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy that is stored in a small battery pack. The primary fuel is petrol or diesel.


Plug-in Hybrid Cars

A plug-in hybrid, also called a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) or an Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV), has a larger battery than a conventional hybrid car, and is charged by plugging into an electric outlet. Plug-in hybrids also keep a petrol or diesel engine as a backup. After the battery energy is exhausted, the engine starts and the vehicle acts like a conventional hybrid until it is plugged in to recharge.


Battery-Powered Cars

A battery-powered car, or Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), does not have a petrol or diesel engine and instead has an electric motor, power electronics, and a battery pack. Battery cars have a longer all-electric range than a plug-in hybrid, but they do not have a fuel backup. Just like a plug-in hybrid, battery-powered cars plug into an electric outlet to refuel.

Source: Supporting Cleaner and Greener Vehicles for A Sustainable Land Transport Sector